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Anonymous asked: HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU FAT SHIT! *tosses candy at*

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No man should have to make this decision!

No man should have to make this decision!

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Anonymous asked: ooooooooo u qt w/ a nice bootay

*clears throat* I mean. ‘sup.

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shinjutori asked: ♒

♒ - Family Headcanon

Grif’s mom grew up a lot like Sister. She was hot and she had her pick of whatever man she wanted. Unfortunately, once she hit adulthood her love of junk food - which in her teen years wasn’t a problem - caused her to gain a lot of weight. In addition to the food, her weight gain was increased by a thyroid problem which caused her to grow facial hair.

Before all this she had been knocked up twice by her high school sweetheart who she chose because he had a fast car and no respect for authority. He managed to stick around through the kids, but he booked it very soon after the weight gain, leaving her to take care of Grif and Sister on her own.

She hopped from job to job during their childhood, but once the weight gain hit critical levels, she couldn’t stand long enough to work. She ended up with the circus when Sister was still in Middle School. Grif was left in charge and she sent checks every payday.

This is the reason Grif is so protective of Sister. He’s been solely responsible for her a lot of their life. Even before his mom joined the circus, it was his responsibility to watch Sister while she worked third shifts or multiple jobs.

I think Grif was the smart one. His mom always told him he would know what to do and he would be the one to pull the family back up. But Grif couldn’t handle the responsibility very well. He did his best until he was drafted. He sent most of his army pay back to Sister before she showed up.

Grif knows his family’s fucked up, but he loves his mom and sister more than anything. The army pay was really the only reason he didn’t attempt to dodge draft when he received his letter.


That’s the first time I’ve tried to write any of that out.

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  • Kea: Seriously, when was the last time someone was genuinely nice to [Simmons]?
  • Ryo: I wouldn't say that Grif has had any better luck in that department. And he's usually almost dying
  • Kea: No, but he's not as sensitive either.
  • Ryo: He accepts his fate
  • Kea: Simmons just wants to be loved.
  • Ryo: He is desensitized
  • Kea: Grif just wants oreos.
  • Ryo: Hey! Oreos are a form of love.

Anonymous asked: "I FUCK YOUR SISTER" Tucker yelled from far way.

Dude, that is getting old. Congratulations. You finally got laid. All you had to do was adjust the difficulty to easy.



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